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Written by Tony Northrup


There have been many apocalyptic films and television series throughout the years. Some are based upon fantasy, horror, and unimaginable situations that place all those in the path of destruction fleeing for their lives. All are, however, trying to live in the aftermath of what was. It’s amazing how many situations can be brought to life based on end of the world scenarios.

Director Brian Johnson has found his own way of bringing that dreadful feeling to life. As a writer, producer, editor, and director of several films, he has now brought us his new full length film feature…POPULATION PURGE.

In this futuristic setting, there is a sense of realism to this story. There are no zombies, no aliens, no mythical creatures. However, there is a government, one that is set upon depopulating the country as a means of resetting the balance of life. What better way than contamination, and what better way than controlling our very source of life…our blood.

As with any cataclysmic story, there are those who are immune and survive. In POPULATION PURGE one must survive by bargaining with, and trading pure, and clean blood. Some of the blood types are rare, so those who seek those must fight harder for it, perhaps even to the death. In this world of chaos for those who survive there is a system of collecting the blood, which is pure madness within itself.

In this bleeding world most are trying to make it to the next day, hiding where they can, as they are the hunted. Then there are those who hunt. They do so by any means necessary. They stop at nothing, and they have no sense of remorse. In this story there are several who have survived for some time, managing to elude those who are hunting them.

Actor S. Lamar Wilson (The Legend of Firelily) is “Onslow”, a tyrannical overlord who will stop at nothing in order to save his son from demise. His wrath is unimaginable, as are his blood draining subordinates, who he sends to carry out his maniacal and vicious orders. Actor Peter Holland (Uncle Otto’s Truck) is “Charlie”, an old hasbeen, who is now more than a bit eccentric, and once an entertainer, he hides out in an abandoned amusement park. It’s there he stays with, and protects his granddaughter, Maya. Actress Lyndsey Soto (The Middlemen and The 31) is Maya, who is fierce, determined, and does whatever it takes to protect herself, and those she cares for. She is trying to protect Charlie, her grandfather who now borders on the brink of madness, and lives as one of his theatrical characters. Charlie is also an uncontaminated source of blood supply. Actress Rebecca DeRienzo (The Lady Makers and Negative Exposure) is Naomi, who seems to live to serve every whim and command of Onslow. She helps administer care to his dying son, while trying to do what it takes to preserve her own life. She is also the estranged wife of Charlie, who is being hunted by Onslow to save his son’s life with his clean blood. Naomi bargains with Onslow with her own set of terms.

Onslow’s son is dying, and it’s up to him to hunt down anyone who has the rare type of clean blood his son needs to survive. In a world where there are no rules, the hunted must somehow survive the hunters. This film is filled with action, has great locations, and each of the actors bring life to their characters. I particularly enjoyed S. Lamar Wilson’s dynamic presence as the ruthless Onslow. However, he pulled off an amazing scene where perhaps Onslow’s once true nature peeks through. This made the character even more interesting, if not more real . To see this contrast from the man he had once been, to the incredibly ruthless man he’s become was a nice added extra.

There are many great scenes throughout the film. Actor Peter Holland, who comes from an amazing theatrical background takes his character, Charlie right over the brink of madness. It’s strange and disturbing, and I liked this added twist to the usually docile grandfather character.

Actress Lyndsey Soto catapults her character, Maya over the top. Her loving, caring nature as a granddaughter to a fragile, and ailing grandfather is warm, but watch out…as a defender, a warrior, and a true survivor she is a force of strength. I felt her performance could lead to other roles, perhaps even a POPULATION PURGE 2, with a new adventure? Actress Rebecca DeRienzo brought a wonderful added insight to the character Naomi. She’s basically the catalyst between the hunter, and the hunted. Her compassion for both the maniacal Onslow, and his son was equal to that of her estranged husband, Charlie. She was very convincing in her concerns for both, while ensuring that her life would be safe.

All of the actors were well cast, and each brought a quality to the characters they played. Although I would have liked to be able to showcase more of them individually, I felt that the four main characters were what brought the rest together in their own particular way.

This film is not only fun, it lends to that bit of truth that people fear…a future that could someday be an apocalyptic nightmare. One that actually could become a…POPULATION PURGE.

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