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Through The Black Hole is conceived with the intention of combining on the same website films songs and books and, consequently, readers bound by the same mood: the passion that expands in all genres, in a tangle of emotions that urges one to dig into the underground and look for that kind of primitive sensation expressed in these forms of art. Through The Black Hole is a place that can give expression to people sailing an ocean whose currents can hardly push towards that destination.

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Through The Black Hole follows a procedure worked out during many years of cooperation with various music, cinema and literature websites and webzines. Blossomed thanks to the determination of Giulio De Gaetano and Melania Colagiorgio, TTBH aims at:

- stringing together articles (reviews, previews, … );

- putting together the authors’ opinions (interviews, biographies, …);

- giving readers an opportunity to interact, a personal window on the world (experimentArt, reviews of short films, underground previews, … ).

TTBH is not meant to become a collector of reviews of a specific genre or a website dedicated only to the independent, but rather a catalyzer of genres, an incubator in which some expressions of different genres fit into a single mood. All this with a particular regard for the indie, as we (masochistically) adore everything that lives hidden in darkness, all those forms that live in the underground and pop out only at dusk. This humus gives life to:

- as regards the cinema section:

  • South Korean thriller/noir that find difficulties reaching Italy (The yellow sea, The chaser);
  • horror/splatter underground coming from all over the world (Zombi ’90: extreme pestilence, 2 hours);
  • action-movie of the 80s (Bloodsport, The running man);
  • italian dramatic films (Reality, Gli equilibristi);
  • erotic films with elevated BDSM rate (Snake flower, Secretary);
  • short melancholy animation cinema (Delivery, Invention of love);
  • italian “giallo”/thrillers of the 70s (Crimes of the Black Cat, A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin);
  • black and white classics (Du skal ære din hustru, Killer’s Kiss).

- as regards the music section:

  • soundtracks (Inception, Zombie 3);
  • underground productions (Visioni Gotiche, Ouroboros);
  • rock and metal records (Scar Symmetry, Fear Factory);
  • dark/industrial/goth sound experimentations (Dark Sanctuary, Death in June).

- as regards the literature section:

  • Masterpieces of the american literature of the XX century (Underworld, For whom the bell Tolls);
  • comic book (Undead trinity, The dark tower);
  • dark melancholic settings (Apocalypse Z, Let the right one in).

There are also special sections to contain other moods:

  • TV series (The walking Dead, Twin peaks);
  • History and legends: a panorama of legends (metropolitan and not) and the places of worship (Church of Urbania);
  • This big hush: a biographical survey of the composers that have marked the history of cinema (Giorgio Moroder, Pino Donaggio);
  • ExperimentArt: a window for photos/designs/experiments made by the readers;
  • Video games: a special interest for vintage (Monkey island, Double dragon) or crepuscular (Obscure, Jericho) games;
  • Blue-ray/Dvd: homevideo reviews.