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THE SISTERS OF THE MOON Trilogy – Samantha Chambers

Written by Tony Northrup


When I think of great women authors of horror, the macabre, fantasy, romance, and gothic genres, authors such as Mary Shelley, V.C. Andrews, Anne Rice, and Brooklyn Ann come to mind, and now another, MS Chambers, author of THE SISTERS OF THE MOON Trilogy. I’ve read this trilogy recently, and now I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the books and interviewing author MS Chambers. I’m sure you will enjoy both.

The Sisters of the Moon consists of 3 books: Book One – Pearls Of The Sea, Book Two – Blood Of The Moon, and Book Three – Ashes Of Oak. The trilogy follows the Mayfair Family, particularly the Mayfair Sisters, Tabbatha, Lunarah, and Ivy.

The first book in the series, Pearls Of The Sea, focuses on the lead character and leader of the sisters, Tabbatha Mayfair. After her mother’s passing, Tabbatha moved to the New England state of Maine. Once she’s settled in and making a new life for herself, she meets and falls in love with a Lobsterman named Jack. Tabbatha has never met a man quite like Jack, who is strong, handsome, protective, loving, and fun. She falls head over heels in love with him!

However, Tabbatha has discovered a very dark and well-kept secret from beyond the grave that her mother left behind: Tabbatha is a witch! Not a bad witch, nor evil, but a good witch. A witch of the ‘light’ and nature. She discovers a book filled with secrets, spells, history, and more! It also includes a special letter written by her mother that explains who and what Tabbatha is and the powers she will learn and have. Tabbatha also discovers she has two long-lost sisters that she must meet so that all three can band together as one as they await a very dark evil that threatens to destroy them.

This book is the first of the Mayfair sisters, the world of Sisters Of the Moon, and a love story. I enjoyed meeting these characters and discovering a world of good witches of the light, spells, mother nature gifts, and the details of Maine and Tabbatha’s journey of finding her long-lost sisters. It was an entertaining kick-off to the trilogy.

The second book in the trilogy, Blood Of the Moon, focuses on Tabbatha’s sister, Lunarah, a very earthy character who learns of her long-lost sisters, Tabbatha and Ivy. Lunarah also knows the evil they must battle. With her companion, she travels to Ireland.

During her trip, she also learns about the powers of being a good witch and special powers that will help her and her sisters hopefully defeat the dark evil that awaits them. This book is entertaining and details the many wonders of Ireland.

The third and final book in the trilogy Ashes Of Oak begins with Ivy Cromwell, another of the sisters who lives in Washington and runs a nursery and woodshop with her son, Onyx. In Washington, she meets and falls in love with Walter, who has a daughter named Opal.

The four of them become close and realize this is the man she wants to share her life with. However, a bigger mission is at hand. All three sisters must defeat Thanatos, an evil and dark being with whom she has personal connections. He wants to rule the world with his dark magic. The Mayfair sisters discover that they must battle and destroy Thanatos and his evil army.

Will the Mayfair witches survive? Will lives be lost, and will good defeat evil? To find out, I recommend reading The Sisters of the Moon Trilogy

I enjoyed all these books, especially the third, especially Thantos, the evil character, and his equally evil companions and army. I would love to explore that in a future book. For now, I recommend this book series to any reader who loves a Gothic tale of love and the world of witchery, which you will find right here in The Sisters Of The Moon Trilogy.


I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with author MS Chambers as we discussed her life, books and writing, and her debut as a published author. Here is that exclusive interview.

Anthony Northrup – Thank you, Samantha, for joining us today. Tell us a little background about yourself.

Samantha Chambers – Thanks for having me today, Anthony! It’s an honor. Let me begin by saying, “I’m your number one fan!”

Let’s see, my background begins in Baltimore, where I was born. We moved to Idaho when I was two and lived there until my upper teens. Then we moved to Washington state, where I had two daughters and lived until my early 20s. I spent some time in Colorado and almost ten years in Wyoming before moving to Kansas City, where I have lived for nearly 20 years.

My mother raised me solely, and I grew up in a loving, family-oriented home with many deep-rooted traditions and beliefs. Being a single parent meant she did the jobs of both mother and father. She was and taught me to be an independent, hard-working survivor. I learned how to do everything! How to care for and repair things, maintain a home, build, farm, cook, survive in the wild, anything and everything outdoors, and so much more. Creativity and individualism were nurtured and encouraged in every way! I was taught that I could do anything I set my mind to and that has been so true, throughout my life.

I love to create! Landscaping, gardening, decorating, crafting of all kinds, and obviously, writing. I can find my way through technology fairly easily and I love to read, travel, cook, spend time with my family and friends, and I love the outdoors! Hiking, walking, bicycling, exploring, and camping. Anything that brings me outside to revel in the majesty of all that surrounds me. I am also a big fan of football and baseball and a HUGE supporter of my home teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals!

I was a child of the amazing 80s. Future generations can’t understand the unadulterated freedom we had then. We didn’t grow up with the internet. Instead, we played outside till the streetlights came on, roaming the neighborhood exploring, discovering, adventuring, and using our imaginations! It was the most radical time ever! I’ll forever love the music, movies, art, fashion, and books of the 80s, and I still watch, listen, and read everything from those years. I’ll always have a soft spot for my legwarmers, which I still wear, every winter day!

AN – When did you realize you were interested in writing?

SC – I was born into a family of avid readers and writers, and surrounded by books all of my life. I developed a very early love for all forms of literature. My mom read to me every night and explained words, situations, and things in such a way that it clarified their meanings for me. I could read long before other children my age, was constantly diving into books far past my reading level, and felt inspired by every one of them.

The stories, the characters, the places, and the use and flow of the words, were mesmerizing. Every book was an adventure to faraway places, a journey in someone else’s shoes, a mystery to be solved, and so much more. I could be found under a tree with a book in my hands every chance I got. I read everything I could get my hands on. Going to the library was my favorite outing, and I took on every reading and writing challenge I could. I was filled with intellect and curiosity, and interested in everything and everyone.

My mother was a writer and a poet, and though she was never published, her works and obsession with books were the beginning of what inspired my deep love of reading and my drive to write. I began writing short stories and poetry at a young age and continued through my years in school, winning multiple awards for my writing pieces.

After school, I continued to write here and there, mostly poetry. I was swamped caring for my Mom and raising my children as they were first and foremost but I made a promise to myself that after my children were grown, I would finally sit down and start writing a book. My dream was always to be a writer and a published author and to share my love of the written word with the world. Writing is truly my passion.

AN – Your trilogy, THE SISTERS OF THE MOON is about witches. Were you always a horror fan, romance fan, or a little of both? What books and favorite authors were on your shelf?

SC – I’ve always been a fan of so many different genres. Horror, fantasy-fiction, sci-fi, and psychological thrillers have always been my favorite though. I love a good romance but generally, enjoy them more if they fall into one of the other genres. That’s why my trilogy is a fantasy-fiction romance.

To be honest it’s an extremely tall order to provide a list of my favorite authors and books. There are thousands! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you…)

Some favorite authors…. Stephen King, Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, H.G. Wells, Piers Anthony, Jules Verne, Ray Bradbury, Poe, Lovecraft, J.R.R. Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Richard and Billy Chizmar, Dean Koonz, John Saul, YOU- Anthony, Stephen Spignesi, Billy Hanson, David Tocher, Andrew Rausch, Paul Inman, Bev Vincent, V.C. Andrews, Nora Roberts, J.K. Rowling, Charlaine Harris, Judith Hawkes, Alice Hoffman…

Some favorite books…“The Stand”, “Storm of the Century”, “Misery”, “Shawshank Redemption”, “IT”, “Rose Red” and “Thinner” by Stephen King. “The Vampire Chronicles”, “The Mayfair Witches”, “Lasher”, “Taltos”,  and “The Wolves of Midwinter” by Anne Rice. Every book by King and Rice.

A handful of others to name a few… “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, “The Halloween Tree” and “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury, “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien, “The Invisible Man”, “The Time Machine”, “The Island of Dr. Moreau”, and “The War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells, “Dune” by Frank Herbert, “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, “The Sookie Stackhouse Series” by Charlaine Harris, “The Harry Potter Series” by J.K Rowling… EVERYTHING by Poe and Lovecraft…

There are so many more I didn’t list here. The lists go on and on and on. (I warned you!)

AN – Let’s talk about your new trilogy, THE SISTERS OF THE MOON. When did you first begin the trilogy and how long was the process from start to finish?

SC – I got serious and began writing “Pearls of the Sea”, Book One of The Sisters of the Moon Trilogy in the Fall of 2020. We were in lockdown due to COVID-19 and I was working from home (and still do). I had a lot of time on my hands outside of work. By late Fall of 2022, I had finished writing and editing Book One and had written the first drafts of the next 2 books. “Pearls of the Sea” was published in early December of 2022. Over the next 6 months, we finished editing Book Two and a lot of Book Three and published “Blood of the Moon” in June 2023. We finished editing Book 3 mid-fall and published “Ashes of Oak” in November 2023.

AN – What were your inspirations when you first began?

SC – My initial inspiration was my mother and her writing, but I was also inspired by everything I read. I’m deeply intrigued by all of the mysteries and magic of the universe. They say, to write what you know, are interested in, and what you love. I did. I can’t begin to tell you how many ideas are swirling in my brain. I’m sure they’ll all eventually make their way to paper someday.

AN – There is a lot in these books regarding witches, “The Good Light”, and traveling. Tell us about the research part of the process.

SC – Regarding “the good light”. My mother followed a magical path of goodness, nature, and spirituality, with strong ties to our sacred Native American beliefs. I too, follow that path. I honor and embrace all living things and believe that everything is connected. Magic is all around us in every way, and nature is my church. I practice a nature-based form of the craft, working in harmony with the earth, the moon, the elements, plants, herbs, stones, and animals. I enjoy studying forms of herbology, gardening, and wildcrafting as part of my practice. This led to The Sisters of the Moon being about witches, the craft, and other magical practices.

Regarding Research. First, let me begin by saying that my books are born not only from my deep love of writing and wild imagination, but they are the love and creation of myself and my children. Each book is given a great deal of attention. Via research and study, you’ll find a lot of factual information in each, about history, timelines, amazing places, traveling, traditions, lore, legends, and more. In addition, the recipes that you find inside are from our own families. We have plans to write a “Sisters of the Moon” cookbook to share with the world our love of food and cooking. A tradition that runs deep in our family.

The detail in which things are described is everything to me. I knew a great deal about the magical aspects of the book, but I also did a lot of research for those practices that I didn’t know everything about. Though I’m writing fiction, it’s imperative to me to relay correct information on religious practices, and for the locations and historical data in my books to be as accurate as possible.

Research and learning is one of the best parts of the writing process. I love learning about the legends and history of places, the culture and traditions of the wonderful people, and the magnificent nature surrounding them. I love to travel and though I’ve yet to go to all of the places I’ve written about, I did extensive research about them. It was fantastic! I also wanted to paint a vivid and beautiful picture for my readers so they could experience everything as if they’d also gone to these places. It took more research than you could imagine, but at the close of each research project, I feel like I’ve traveled to them.

AN – All 3 books are different, yet carry one main storyline. Which of the 3 was most challenging to write and why?

SC – Definitely Book 3, “Ashes of Oak”. Tying a trilogy and all its bits and pieces together accurately without loose ends is tedious and difficult. It takes time, note-taking, outlining, concentration, and memory!

It was also hard to kill off any of my beloved characters! Not saying I did. You’ll have to read to find out! But, as the master says….“Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.”

AN – There are a lot of characters in these books. Tell us some background about them and who inspired these characters.

SC – Well, only some know this, but this trilogy is jam-packed with characters based on real-life people in my life. I am the mother of 2 incredibly phenomenal daughters and 4 more remarkable daughters I call my own, via my partner. I am a proud grandmother of 7 beautiful grandchildren. 3 girls and 4 boys. I am blessed beyond measure with a wonderful family and amazing friends! It was important for my first books to reflect that and my feelings for them. This trilogy encompasses some of my life’s most treasured moments, places, and people. Many of my loved ones are represented in them. The characters were inspired in every way by my daughters, my mother, and important people in my life.

Though I don’t want to give too much away, I talk about the characters’ lives extensively as we journey through the trilogy. We experience their struggles while they try to find love and manage relationships with their spouses, children, and each other. While they work hard to make a living doing what they love; writing, crafting, making art, building, growing, and learning their magical abilities. These things are based on many of our own experiences. It’s very much a story of our lives in many ways. It’s a story of life and death, struggles and achievements, heartache, and loss. It’s a story of family, love, adventures, and magic.

AN – What was it like writing about your family and their reaction when you told them “You’re going to be in a book!”?

SC – It was a great experience to write about people I love! On one hand, I found it easier to develop these characters because they’re based on actual people and I know so much about them and their lives. On the other hand, I wanted those people to read these books and see the similarities and feel as if they ARE that character. That was a challenge at times, trying to portray what I thought they were thinking and would feel in certain situations. I had to be nosey and step into their shoes and minds per se, and I’m certain they all were pretty tired of me asking bizarre questions about their feelings. A funny side note…There are some very steamy scenes in the books, so diving into the romance side of things was sometimes a tad awkward. I know when they read them, it had to be for them as well, ha!

All of that being said, everyone was so excited and honored to be portrayed in my books. They often tell people they are that character or this character. It makes me feel so wonderful to know how proud they are, and how proud they are of me and my books.

AN – Were there any stressful moments writing the trilogy? Tell us who did the amazing art covers for the books. They are beautiful. How long was the writing process from start to finish?

SC – Plenty of stressful moments! Bringing the 3 books together was the most stressful part of it as I said above. But things certainly became more stressful when it came to the editing and publishing part, no one from the outside is hired into the process until publication, and even then, we do all of our layout, editing, design, and marketing. Learning to do all of that was a real curveball. I’ve got it mastered now, after four books.

My daughters have played an integral part in my becoming a published author. They have both worked tirelessly for endless hours on these novels. I truly couldn’t have done it without them! The process and time of editing and cover art varies. It can take months to complete.

My youngest daughter, Mirrissa (Missy), owner of “Entangled Elements”, is the Developmental/Copy Editor and Proofreader. Alongside me, she edits every word of these books, helps to develop the characters and story arcs, and adjusts things with precise brilliance. Having a pair of eyes that is so like-minded to mine, is such a blessing, but she catches my mistakes, off-wording, and loose ends so well. When your thoughts come faster than your fingers can type, those things happen. I’m so lucky to have her!

Thank you so much! I think the covers are beautiful as well. Beverly, my oldest daughter, and owner of “Bits and Bobs by Beverly”, is my book cover Artist and Designer. I tell her what my vision is and she brings it to life with such attention to detail and astounding creativity, that it takes my breath away at every reveal. The cover of a book is everything. It’s the first thing a person looks at. I didn’t want generated art. I wanted paintings as my covers and I am so blessed to have a brilliant artist as a daughter and wanted to showcase her amazing talent!

Then there’s marketing which is a royal pain, haha! With the help of my partner and tech genius, Alex, we have built a great website which I operate and maintain, and am constantly improving. That can be found at In addition, I have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest under MS Chambers Author (I’ve linked them for you). It’s a struggle but we’re getting out there slowly but surely, a step at a time. The ultimate goal is to be with one of the “Big 5” Publishers and mass market my works so they can reach the entire world. Finding an agent and getting a foot in the door is difficult, so I took the self-publishing route. It’s a start. I will continue creating and striving to share my work and reach the masses.

AN – Tell us about the villains. How did you channel a dark side to get into these characters’ heads?

SC – Ah, the villains! What’s a story without a good bad guy?! OR GIRL! (there’s a little hint for you regarding the next villain or villains, you’ll see coming in the accompanying series to “The Sisters of the Moon” called “The Descendants of the Moon”) You HAVE to have an antagonist as great as your protagonists! It’s a must!

Again, I don’t want to give anything away to those who haven’t read the trilogy yet, but our villain in this series is sinister! Being such a fan of horror and psychological thrillers, I found it easy to channel my dark side and make him a scary, bitter, hateful creature of darkness. (Scared yet?) There again I tapped into a huge amount of research, into dark and evil magic, and again, found it fascinating. He was fun to create, and it might be that we haven’t seen the last of him yet!

AN – What would you like readers to take away from this trilogy?

SC – Years from now, when I’m gone, I hope people will remember me for many things. My genuine smile and my huge heart, the kindness and love I so openly give to everyone. I hope they’ll recall my silly ways and boisterous laugh, and laugh themselves while remembering. I hope they’ll take a trip down memory lane and fondly reminisce about the good times we had together. I hope they’ll recall my spooky stories around flickering fires on starry nights and retell them as often as I did. I hope people will hold my tales close to their hearts and remember me as an author who spoke to them. I hope my books sit on their bookshelves, coffee tables, and bedside stands. I hope they’ll continue to be read and remembered and cherished and loved, for in the end, it’s truly what we leave behind, the lives we touched, and the stories we told. That is our legacy!

My ultimate goal is to leave my children and grandchildren something they can be proud of. I know from personal experience how the heart aches for your loved ones when they’re gone, how you long to hear their voice just one more time, for one more story that can only be told by them. I hope to give them that gift. I hope that they’ll pick up these books and find what they’re looking for inside. We’re all very close and spend countless hours together doing the things we love. In addition to those memories they can cherish for all of their lives, I hope that through these books, we can travel together again, that they will always be able to hear my voice telling them that everything is going to be okay and that I’m always with them in every step of their journey.

AN – Have you done any book events or signings, and what has the feedback been from those who have read the books?

SC – I am constantly doing all kinds of fairs and events as a vendor. I sign every book I sell in person. Some of my customers even ask to have their picture taken with me, which is such a neat thing and a huge compliment! I have been featured on a few sites and in two online magazines. You can read the articles via my website at: I also gave an Author talk at ReRoll Tavern Novelist Night in Kansas City. Boy was I nervous, but it turned out great!

Recently, I got invited to co-host the Kansas City Local Author Book Fair in Blue Springs, MO, which was so incredible! There will be two more I hope to be a part of, in August and October. For those of you local to KC, look for updates on that at:, via Sparking Ambition Marketing.

I receive such amazing feedback from my readers! They say that my attention to detail is superb and they truly felt like they were in the places they were reading about. They could feel what the character’s feelings were as they joined them on their travels. It makes me feel so fantastic! You can read reviews on my work at Reviews – M.S. Chambers of Magic.

AN – What advice have you received that has helped you, and what would you tell new writers today to help them with their first book?

SC – Dreams rarely come true without perseverance, dedication, and hard work!

It’s vital to write everything down, no matter how little or big the thought is. Make notes, chapter outlines, storyboards, whatever helps you stay organized. Pay attention to timelines. They can get tricky, especially if you’re planning a series. You would be shocked at how much you may forget or be confused if you have a lot of history, time shifts, characters, and plot twists, especially with multiple books. I also suggest getting or using an online word-a-day calendar, or something like that. Expand your vocabulary. Please believe me when I say, you always need to learn something new. Intellect is power.

Try and write every day. I shoot for 2,000 words a day when I’m really in the depth of writing a book. I don’t always hit that but it’s important to write something. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t but keep trying, keep striving for the number of words you’ve chosen to hit. Stephen King once said that failure is motivation and that is the truth. You’re apt to fail at some parts of this and that’s okay. That’s when you pick yourself back up, learn from your mistakes, and attack the project again with a new outlook. No one has ever achieved anything great by giving up. Keep going!

Form your characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution. This is key to any story, whether short or small. Sometimes they transform. As writers, our stories take turns that we don’t see coming. Don’t be afraid to accentuate details. Be descriptive, be imaginative, and most of all, give your whole heart to the story.

There’s always a first draft, ALWAYS. No one sits down and writes a perfect draft the first time, not even the greats! Changes WILL be made and more than you realize. It takes patience. Write in a comfortable environment, where you can feel inspired and concentrate. After the first draft, it’s time to start editing and revamping! I can’t begin to stress the importance of this and you, Anthony, taught me that! It was GREAT advice! You’ll probably change, add, and even remove so much more than you think you are. It’s crucial. I do three waves of editing every time.

If you have a dream and you want to make it a reality, then you have to put in the time and effort. Trust me when I say, it’s worth it. The feeling of completing a book, publishing it, and then holding that book in your own two hands, knowing that you created it, is astonishing! It truly makes all the hard work worthwhile. That being said, you want to give yourself time to live your life in addition to your writing. It’s important to focus on writing when it’s writing time and then allow yourself to spend time with your family and do other things when you’re not writing.

AN – What has been your favorite moment since you began writing the trilogy? And lastly, what’s next for Samantha (MS) Chambers?

SC My favorite moment so far?…

That’s a tough one as there are so many! Every time I finish a novel, my first publication goes live, my review and interview from you, and joining so many other incredible authors at the Kansas City Local Author Book Fair, meeting many different creators, and making new friends. Most of all, working with my daughters to bring my stories to life has been a dream come true!

What’s next for Samantha (MS) Chambers?… Quite a few amazing things!

The release of “SECLUSION”, my new psychodrama thriller, is coming up! Sign up on my website to receive an alert! The blurb…

Within the wilderness of nature, we seek the solitude that only such a place can give us, but how far into the wilds of our mind to find solitude must we travel, before we enter a world of veritable seclusion? One of which there may never be a chance to escape.   -MS Chambers

Mina Walter has the life of her dreams. Living in Lakewood Colorado near the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Mina is a bestselling author and married to the most incredible man in the world. Life couldn’t be any better. Her husband Zander, a huge outdoor enthusiast, pursues his lifelong dream of climbing the Swiss Alps and hiking the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. With a book tour coming up, Mina can’t join him but encourages him to go. Zander travels to the Alps, but when the greatest adventure of his life takes a completely different turn, he finds himself lost in the unforgiving savage winter of the massive Dolomites and fighting with everything he has to survive. His disappearance leaves Mina destroyed and lost without him. She can’t stand any more pity or write a word at all for the horrible thoughts and dreams of Zander, and not knowing what happened to him. To escape the pain and reality, Mina goes to her family’s cabin in the Rockies and shuts herself away from the world, submerging herself into her memories so she can write. But that submersion causes her mind to slip into another place altogether. A place where she can be happy again, a place where her husband is alive, a place where she can live out her days in utter Seclusion.

Following that, I have an extraordinary collaboration with some incredible writers, filmmakers, and artists, coming this Fall. It’s called “MACABRE: A HORROR ANTHOLOGY”. I’m extremely excited for this one!!! The blurb….

Delve into the dark collection of strange and unusual short stories and art featuring talented seasoned masters of horror and up-and-coming minds of madness with an exclusive introduction by Anthony Northrup, author of “STEPHEN KING DOLLAR BABY: The Book”.

Featuring 13 Chilling Tales of Twisted Terror and art by:

Mirrissa Alexander • Beverly DeBurger • Kassidy Morrow • Cassandra Caruso • Anthony Northrup • JustGena • Stephen Spignesi • Billy Hanson • David Tocher • Andrew Rausch • Paul Inman • Brock Birkner • Frank Lewis • Jeni Christain • Jonathan Edward Mills • Rob Darren Newberger • and • MS Chambers

And next year…

As mentioned above, we’ll soon see “THE DESCENDANTS OF THE MOON TRILOGY”. The first book will be coming in 2025. This series will feature the children from “The Sisters of the Moon”. It will bring light to the darkness. We’ll discover new kinds of magic and incredible creatures, and explore entirely new places, and even magical realms, as we travel through this fantasy series. Glorious and magical things are afoot for the sisters and their families and many new introductions will be made. I’m very excited!

And finally…

As I said above, I also love to craft and create. Soon, I will be making some of those creations available for my “MS Chambers of Magic” brand. I am also working on the beginnings of several other books. A horror-comedy called “Reaper”, a whole new twist on Frankenstein, a Vampire Series based in New Orleans, a feel-good, coming-of-age book about a great group of kids in the 80s, and so much more! I will be releasing details about them all, down the road.

AN – Any last thoughts you’d like to share?

SC – Within a story, we immortalize people, places, and things. They can live forever, again and again. We can see the whole world and go on adventures as often as we wish. We can hear their words in our minds, over and over. There is no journey we can’t take, time is what we make it, and there is no end to the mystery and magic we can discover inside a book.

My mission is simple,  to bring to the world the magic and tales of MS Chambers, to share the enchantment and the mystery. To share breathtaking literature and the joy of reading. Come in, sit down, and stay a while…Let me tell you a story!

AN – You can count on me pulling up a chair and eagerly awaiting your next tale of horror, fantasy, romance, or wherever you want to take us!  Thank you Samantha for visiting with us today. We look forward to your future projects and wish you the best on your literary journey.

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