Through the Black Hole » THE SWEET HAND OF THE WHITE ROSE – Davide Melini


Written by Giulio De Gaetano
RANK: 6/10

From the director of The Puzzle, comes Davide Melini‘s latest tale of innocence, horror, and forgiveness. Melini has obvious passion for film, art, style, and storytelling, and it is clearly proven here in the very entertaining and artistic story of … The Sweet Hand of the White Rose.

Our story begins with a hard rockin band having a great time at a local bar, crowd dancin, smokey, sexy table top beauties, and an all around good time by all. However, there’s one young man who is not. This is obvious once his controling, bitchy girlfriend fines him sitting alone at a table away from the rest of the partying crowd.

Mark (played by Carlos Bahos), a young man who is at the end of his rope with his girlfriend; Mary (played by Leocricia Saban), just can’t take it anymore. He has muliple problems in his life, but mostly with his girlfriend. He’s not sure if he can even stay with her anymore. Instead of trying to fight another verbal battle with her, he leaves the bar he was drowning his sorrows at and heads out and drives far away in his car to escape these difficult times of his life. What he doesn’t know is, by trying to run away from his problems, he causes an even bigger one. Running away from everything and everyone isn’t always the answer.

The story turns to the second part of the story, an innocent little girl (played by Natasha Machuca), playing in the park on a nice warm day. Living her life happily and living her age. Her appearance clearly shows she is innocent and could never harm a fly. Her time is up from playing in the park and she must return home to her mother. Riding her bike on the curvy road that will bring these two people together that will change their lives forever.

Mark finds himself late at night at a beautiful moseleum..lost, confused, with nothing to answer his question’s but a trail of blood and the stranger laughter of a young girl. With even stranger happenings going on around him, Mark feels if he finds the little girl, perhaps she has the answers to this madness and horror he has fallen into. He fines one clue that he feels will lead him to the little girl; a single white rose petal. He’s not sure what exactly this symbolizes at this point, but he knows he’s getting closer to the truth.

Once he finally fines the truth he seeks, it is the horror inwhich he feared to be true. With the help of flashbacks to explain the truth, the story turns from horror of truth to the moment of clarity, exception, hope, love, and forgiveness. In life, sometimes it’s these very same emotions that we need to move on in our own personal lives…and give us peace.

I enjoyed this film very much. The look, the style, and the storytelling of the film. It also has a wonderful soundtrack by The Talkatives, Christian Valente and Ivan Novelli. I believe Davide Melini is not only an excellent up and coming filmmaker that has proven with this film, The Sweet Hand of the White Rose, that he is ready for full length feature films, but he is also a great storyteller as well as visionary. He knows what he wants the viewer to feel and he delivers it. He pulls you into his story with you guessing till the very end. When a writer and director can do that, then you know they’ve done their job and done it well.

SCORE: 9.5/10

Director: Davide Melini
Screenplay: Davide Melini
Production:Davide Melini & Fabel Aguilera
Executive director: Alessandro Fornari
General organization: Vanessa López
Photography: José Antonio Crespillo
Steadycam: Fernando Moleón
Make-up: Carmen Acosta
FX: María García
Sound engineering: Christian Valente
Music: Christian Valente, Ivan Novelli
Editing: Biktor Kero
Visual Effects: Miguel Serón


RANK: 6/10
Regista/Director: Davide Melini
Cast: Carlos Bahos, Natasha Machuca, Leocricia Sabán

Posted in Cinema and Shortmovie and Film and Horror and Indie by Giulio De Gaetano on November 2nd, 2011 at %I:%M %p.

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