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Written by Tony Northrup
RANK: 8/10

There are films in the horror genre that stand the test of time, FRIDAY THE 13th, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST., HALLOWEEN, JAWS..just to name a few. However, there are some horror films that are considered “cult classics” such as; RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, KILLER KLOWN FROM OUTER SPACE, EVIL DEAD, and MOTEL HELL.

I believe No solicitors will fit into that “cult classic” category once horror fans from around the world see this new film that takes the term “come over for dinner” to a new level. No solicitors is about a family living in the suburbs who seem like normal everyday folks. A successful husband Lewis (played by legendary actor Eric Roberts) who is one of the top surgeons in the country, his wife Rachel (played by RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD star Beverly Randolph), and their two adult kids Nicole (played by DAWN OF THE DEAD actress, Kim Poirier) and Scott (played by Jason Maxim). On the outside they seem like a normal, everyday happy family, but on the inside…

The family have their “other”business on the side. When they have an undercover assistant “listening in” at the hospital for families who either can’t afford surgeries or family members needing an organ, the Cutterman family take note. With a sign on their door simply reading (and warning) “No Solicitors”, they really mean it! For those pesky salesmen and woman who ignore the sign, they “become” the next donor for those in need. Will those captured survive? Will the Cuttermans ever be caught? And what does BBQ fingers taste like anyway? To find out, keep an eye out for this future “cult classic”.

This film is just pure out of control fun! It is funny, scary, gross, gory beyond your expectations, and the most fun you’ll have seeing a horror film this year. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ask No solicitors star, Beverly Randolph a few questions about the film:

Was there any time during filming that got you sick or weak in the stomach?
No, I never got sick filming because it’s so much fun while you’re doing it! I guess that is what every killer would say…

(Q) What was your experience like working with director John Callas and co-star, Eric Roberts?
(A) Working with Eric was a lot of fun. He doesn’t get uppity, he is very down to earth. He spoke with everyone on the crew and made conversation. He is a pro! John is a lovey! He is charming and sweet. A few times he raised his voice a pinch to get things done. He isn’t a diva director at all, if you want to say something differently, he is open to hearing about it! Love, love, love him! I told him that if I lived closer, I would drop over for morning coffee all the time. He and his family are just as kind as can be. He is married to a beautiful woman and she is equally as charming! Felissa Rose, John’s wife Linda and I had a blast together. I wish we all had more time together.

(Q) What was it like behind the camera again after your hiatus?
(A) Working again was very exciting for me. I have been a stay at home mom and Hollywood house wife for a long time. The first day I had a complete panic attack and didn’t think I could do it. Once we got rolling I was fine enjoyed it all immensely. (Nobody knew of my panic attack, i scooted off set and kept it to myself…lol)

(Q) What did you enjoy most doing this type of film?
(A) What I enjoyed most about doing this type of film would have to be that it’s in the horror genre and that is my comfort zone. Even if I don’t like to watch horror movies, they are a lot of fun to make! I would love to do a romantic comedy some day.

No solicitors is a cross between Motel Hell meets The texas chainsaw massacre but in the suburbs”. There are some classic horror films out there that are just fun, silly, and a bit cheesey, but that’s all just part of the fun making them and watching them. I believe No solicitors fits right in there with the best of them. If this is your type of horror, I recommend seeing No solicitors!

RANK: 8/10
Regista/Director: John Callas
Cast: Eric Roberts, Beverly Randolph, Jason Maxim, Kim Poirier
Usa 2015

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